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Grand Canyon School K-5
morning welcome 


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We have 2weeks of school left in first grade!

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Morning message is on hold for now. Listen to and sing along with one of our Second Step Songs and watch the story about bullying. 



Second Step

Our learning:​​

  • I can use skills for learning, and strategies for calming down.

  •  I can show empathy for others and follow problem solving steps. 
  • I can play fairly and handle name calling. 

Try one of these at home activities: 


Different feelings: Parents ask student to think of different feelings students could have about the same situation. Students should be able to name a feeling and describe why/how a person would feel that way.


Here are some ideas to get started with:

  • moving into 2nd grade

  • summer vacation

  • learning challenges



Accidents: Students need practice accepting responsibility for an accident to show that is as not intentional. 

Act out a scenario with your student, such as the student knocking over a glass of water that spills on you or bumping into you and items fall from your arms. 

Reinforce the apology and have the student reflect on how the apology could improve the situation.


Showing care and concern: Have your student identify ways that show care and compassion for others.


Help your student notice when someone else could use some help or a kind word (such as chores around the house, neighbors, friends).

Pick one of our songs from Second Step to help you remember some of our strategies.